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Traversing Fields: A How-To Guide
How Not to Die While Traversing The Fields

1. If there is a path, DON'T STEP OFF THE PATH.

2. If there is no safe path, DO NOT PANIC.

3. Check your inventory and make sure you are carrying enough replenishing items to survive in ANY SITUATION.

4. If you do not have any replenishing items, DO NOT PANIC.

5. Gauge your surroundings to determine whether the safest course of action is to return to the nearest "safe zone" (NPC filled town, or established save point) or to push through the unsafe area to a closer "safe zone".

6. If you are attacked by a monster, DO NOT PANIC.

7. When all else fails, RUN. There is typically a short period of invulnerability after successful escapes from attacking monsters. Use this to your advantage whenever possible, maximizing the chance to close the distance between you and the desired "safe zone".

8. If during a monster attack escape is attempted but not completed, there is a chance that a party member may be damaged by monster attack. If this happens, DO NOT PANIC and ALLOW YOUR PARTY MEMBER TO FEINT. A monster attacking one party member is better than a monster attacking you. Hoard replenishing items and abilities if necessary, using them to maintain the health of your most defensive party member. This will maximize the time you will have to complete a successful escape.

9. If you encounter an unescapable monster or boss, this is the worst case scenario. DO NOT PANIC and follow these vital rules:

-Prioritize a party member to the following:
One as a main healer, be it through spells or constant item use
One as supplementary healer, attacking only when healing assistance is not necessary
One as defensive specialist, focusing on mitigating damage through funnelling attacks to party members best able to take the damage

-If available, any other party members with damage dealing ability needs to attack any lesser monsters FIRST before attacking the boss. Lesser monsters will deal more damage over time to your party if you avoid them. Take them out FIRST.

-Pay attention to any signals that monsters are setting up a devastating power or attack. This can be through a change in stance, or an audible warning. If this happens, DO NOT PANIC. Heal your party to the maximum and DEFEND until the attack passes. You will be fine.

-If you are not fine, DO NOT PANIC. Heal back up to maximum and continue as normal.

-In the event that total party kill is inevitable, FIGHT ANYWAY. You never know how close to defeat the monsters are. KEEP FIGHTING.

-In the event of a total party kill, simply restart from your most recent save and prepare yourself, now armed with knowledge gained from your fight. Stock up on replenishing items and consider re-equipping any defensive or offensive items that were of notable consequence.

10. If you did not save your game recently, it's okay. You can panic a little. I know that's hard. But even though you were emotionally invested in your adventure thus far, it is gone. Maybe take a break for a bit so it's not such a fresh memory and when you feel better, try again.


from Pixel Green Is People, released February 29, 2012
R. Morgan Slade




Pixel Recall Vancouver, British Columbia

PIXEL GREEN IS PEOPLE is a love letter to all the old video games I loved from my childhood, the debut digital-only album from PIXEL RECALL.

A throwback to the genre-defining 8-bit RPGs, if I could make my dream old school game this would be the soundtrack.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these songs and if you do, please spread your love and support for more music from PIXEL RECALL in the future!
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