Rest at the Campfire


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I'm actually really proud of this particular image. I googled "fire" and the first page of images had several cartoony pictures of flames, enough to get an idea of the appropriate colour scheme. Beyond that, the actual shape and shading of the campfire pixelation was all me. I like it. It looks like a campfire. Only pixelated. But it has a sort of flow to it that I find kind of mesmerizing.

Kind of like staring into a campfire.

The song itself was created with the concept of the last restful night before the war. No turning back now, this is it. There's nothing left to do but wait.

The intent was to create a restful song that kept a sense of foreboding, notably more so than "Rest at the Inn". I wanted to make sure I wasn't repeating myself, but more importantly I had a different story I wanted the song to tell and I needed to make sure that came across. To me, it sounds like it's outside, at night, under the stars and that even with that, the attempt to rest is balanced with the dread of the battle to come. I'm really proud of it. I hope you can hear what I hear, and more, and that you enjoy it as much as I do.


from Pixel Green Is People, released February 29, 2012
R. Morgan Slade




Pixel Recall Vancouver, British Columbia

PIXEL GREEN IS PEOPLE is a love letter to all the old video games I loved from my childhood, the debut digital-only album from PIXEL RECALL.

A throwback to the genre-defining 8-bit RPGs, if I could make my dream old school game this would be the soundtrack.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these songs and if you do, please spread your love and support for more music from PIXEL RECALL in the future!
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