Raid the Lair


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~Raid The Lair (As Told By Children)~

First, um, first there was a guy... No a guy! Yeah, and the guy had a sword and a BIG shield and he said to the castle, "GO AWAY YOU BAD CASTLE!"

And then the castle said, "No I won't go you can't make me." And the guy said "OK FINE I'M GONNA FIGHT AT YOU!"

And so then the guy called his friend who was a... a big dragon but also a magician who breathed magic puffs. Puffs like marshdmallows.


YES there IS because he is a special MAGIC DRAGON and he has... he, he has marshDEEmallow breath so there...

...and so the guy and the dragon go to, go to the castle and they ATTACK THE CASTLE and the guy goes "HUAHYAAAAAA!" and the dragon goes "MURRRRRAAAAAUUUGGGHHH!!" And the castle says... and the castle says "Hey guys, let's play nice instead!" And the guy says "OKAY!" And the guy and the dragon, and the dragon and the castle all go play together like good friends and when they get hungry the dragon goes "BLAAAAUGHH!" and barfs up marshDEEmallows and they eat the marshDEEmallows and they are friends for ever.


...can I please have a marshDEEmallow?


from Pixel Green Is People, released February 29, 2012
R. Morgan Slade




Pixel Recall Vancouver, British Columbia

PIXEL GREEN IS PEOPLE is a love letter to all the old video games I loved from my childhood, the debut digital-only album from PIXEL RECALL.

A throwback to the genre-defining 8-bit RPGs, if I could make my dream old school game this would be the soundtrack.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these songs and if you do, please spread your love and support for more music from PIXEL RECALL in the future!
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